Great Roast Beef Video

Lemon Ginger Chicken Lettuce Wraps Recipe

The Future of Cooking Video
Induction cooking technology offers unrivalled speed and precision with no hot elements or open flames as it’s the cookware that heats the food, not the stove.

Edible Garden Video
Whether it’s a few containers on your porch or neat rows in your backyard, anyone can grow a vegetable garden.

The Appliance Makeover Video
Finding appliances that perform as well as they look can turn your kitchen into a masterpiece.

Kitchen Design: Innovative Sinks Video
New flat-rim sinks create the illusion of a flushmount sink.

All the Range Video
Range hoods have been completely redesigned to reflect the latest technology and kitchen décor trends.

Growing a Sustainable Garden Video
The EcoGarden is designed to give back to nature and show people how easy it is to go green in their own backyard. All you need to remember is to plant, feed and protect to grow your own sustainable garden.

Kitchen Renovations Video
The most important part of any kitchen is the countertop, which is why all-natural quartz counters are worth the investment. Elegant, durable and low-maintenance, quartz is rivaling granite in premium countertops.

BBQ Safety Tips Video
Backyard barbequing is a rite of summer for most Canadians. But before the gourmet of the house grills up the first steaks of the season, it's important to run your gas barbeque through a safety checklist.

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