Cook Smart: Camilla’s Catering Secrets for Home Cooks, a review by Jennifer Allen

Are you tired of buying cookbooks that claim to contain a multitude of "cooking secrets" but later find out it was just a marketing ploy to get you to buy the cookbook. Cook Smart: Camilla’s Catering Secrets for Home Cooks (Camilla Enterprises 1998, $24.95) by self-published author Camilla Koenigseder not only delivers secrets, it delivers new and classic recipes that are simplified so you can prepare a meal with ease. Camilla believes "that a recipe is like a map – if the directions are good, you find your way." The best thing about Cook Smart is that it is full of secrets, tips, and suggestions that are known and used by caterers, but are not divulged to the public. At least not until now!

Some SECRETS contained in Cook Smart:
Save money at the grocery store by using chuck steak instead of rib eye, which was called for in the recipe.
Want to know what to do with the leftover mashed potatoes from two nights ago? Why not try the Potato/Bacon soup recipe on page 24.
Don’t peel and mince your garlic every time. Make the Garlic Pur e on page 189. Freeze it and scoop out as needed.
Learn the chef’s fail-proof trick for cooking meat perfectly every time.

Cook Smart delivers recipes, tips, secrets, and suggestions that home cooks desire. If you are a working woman who does not have the luxury of spending an hour preparing a dinner for your family, so you resort to ordering a pizza or popping in a frozen TV dinner, this cookbook is your lifesaver. Just prepare meals when you have time, then freeze, thaw and re-heat when you are ready to serve. You can be the super-cook that you strive to be!

Also, all of the recipes in Cook Smart are divided into easy categories and the recipe formats are simple to follow. Each recipe includes:

Serving size
Preparation time
Level of difficulty
Freezing tips – What will and won’t freeze
Troubleshooting techniques
Substitution suggestions

Cook Smart is a comprehensive cookbook that will satisfy every cook’s need, whether you are a beginning cook or a seasoned veteran.

Some timesaving items include:
Glossary of Scary Cooking Terms – What does flamb really mean?

Catalog of Herbs & Spices – Useful to find substitutes, combinations, & origins

Index Lists by:

Ethnic Reference List
Uses of Leftovers
Holiday/Party Dinner Recipes – Proven recipes that all guests are sure to enjoy
Recipe "headers" – Suggest perfect choices for complete dinner party menu

Camilla wants people to enjoy cooking and has decided to divulge her tantalizing secrets in Cook Smart in hopes that more people will find enjoyment in cooking for their families and will draw more families and friends together at dinner time.