Why Do Donuts Have Holes? by Don Voorhees

277 pages; Black and white, No photographs or sketches. Paperback
Citadel Press, Kensington Publishing, NY, NY, October 2004
Reviewed by Chef John J. Vyhnanek

The review---

Why do donuts have holes? You will have to buy Don Voorhees’s book "Why Do Donuts Have Holes? Fascinating Facts About What We Eat and Drink" to find out! Do you love food facts and history? Are you a culinary student, a chef, a foodie, a culinary teacher or anybody anywhere who loves to read, enjoys facts and a bit of humor? Then this is the book for you. I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed reading a book related to my profession more than "Why Do Donuts Have Holes".

This isn’t a cookbook and there are no pictures. It is a 277 page paperback book simply divided into 21 chapters, such as chapter #1 "A brief history of food" or chapter #12 "junk food" and chapter #17 "It’s in there!" On page 212, chapter #17, "It’s in there!", you will find a definition and explanation of “What is Flavor”. In 2 short paragraphs you get the answer in a very understandable manner. Did you ever wonder why nitrites are used to preserve hams? On page 216“Why did Gerber add MSG to baby food? Believe it or not, Gerber added MSG to their baby foods in 1952, not to make them taste better for baby but to make them better tasting to mother. They realized that many mothers tasted baby food before feeding it to their infants. If it tasted good to mothers, they were more likely to buy the food for their babies.”

Q. What week is the most pizza consumed? A. Super Bowl week!
Q. Where were the first American taverns? A. Manhattan in 1642!
Q. What’s the state snack of Utah? A. Jell-O

If you want to know the answer to how Richard Nixon contributed to the success of Hamburger Helper, or who invented corn dogs, you will have to buy the book. Not only will you learn more about food history, but you will become the person to ask about food facts in your circle of friends. I was so impressed with the book that I’m planning on buying a dozen to send as presents to family, friends and colleagues.

Don’t miss this book. If you do, you will never know Why Do Donuts Have Holes?
Don Voorhees is the author of Quickies: Fascinating Facts About the Facts of Life, Thoughts from the Throne: The Ultimate Bathroom Book of Useless Information, Why Does Popcorn Pop? and The Book of Totally Useless Information.

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