Yes Chef Cover

Title: Yes Chef, A Memoir
Author: Marcus Samuelson
315 pages; Hardcover, $27.00 US/$32.00 Can.
Publisher: Random House, New York, 2012
Reviewed by, Chef John Vyhnanek

The review--- This is a nice story written by Marcus, you can feel like you have become him if you want to let yourself go. I see the writing as totally honest and with a bit of pride, boastful of his accomplishments while looking over his shoulder to when times were tough.

Marcus benefited from a tender and caring relationship with his Swedish grandmother, who definitely had an impact on his becoming a chef. I can understand this because the same thing happed to me. Being home with your grandmother, while your parents worked, was the earlier form of day care and culinary school all rolled into one.

Those of you looking for a cookbook with recipes will be disappointed because there are none. If you're a reader, you'll come away with appreciation of his tale. The Food Network and all the reality cooking shows has had an impact on the title, YES CHEF . In reality, if you are a cook working in a kitchen with an Executive Chef in chargeyou will never hear this! You simply say yes, ask direction if need and go about the task at hand, just doing your assigned work.

I think this book would benefit and inspire an up and coming young chef realize that they can make it too. I 'd like to thank Marcus for his inspirational message! I hope this book doesn't get lost in one's cookbook collection. Hopefully some may pick it up and read of Marcus and be inspired to follow in his footsteps.