Made in Marseille: Food and Flavors from France's Mediterranean Seaport by Daniel Young

272 pages; Black and white, No photographs or sketches. Paperback
Harper Collins, New York, 2002
Reviewed by David Klinkhamer for Good Cooking, Spring/Summer 2004

Made in Marseille, by Daniel Young, is a delightfully charming book. Made in Marseille, by Daniel Young, is a delightfully charming book. Located in the South of France, Marseille is the Mediterranean capital of food, fashion, literature, music, dance, film, and theater. Young provides the reader with great detail on the history of Marseille, its people and contributions to the culinary world; for example, bouillabaisse, the celebrated fisherman s stew. Young also gives insight into the everyday lives of Marseille's residents, giving the reader a greater sense of the region and feel for its cuisine.

It is evident after reading this book that one's palette is not totally refined until one has visited this beautiful Southern France location and feasted on authentic bouillabaisse, known as Bouillabaisse Marseillaise. Each recipe is uncomplicated, very easy to read and delicious!

Chef Jean-Michel Minguella prepares his Bouillabaisse with vive, a Mediterranean rockfish. There are as many recipes in Marseille as there are grandmothers. Everyone has their secret blend of fish and ingredients. Something you can count on in the Bouillabaisse is fish, tomatoes, saffron, tomatoes and fennel.