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Good Cooking is an Internet World Wide Web site that is dedicated to Food, Wine, Travel, Leisure and Fun. Founded in December on 1995 it is one of the oldest continually operation cooking related websites on the Internet. It's mission is to link/relay to existing sites and supply original information of the gastronomic world of enjoyment and good cooking. Our target audience is those who love good cooking, beverages and entertaining, and individuals who are looking for new ideas, new products and new recipes.

Visitors include homemakers, food service professionals, dedicated consumers, gourmets, students, educators and web surfers world-wide, all seeking new and exciting sources for products and information. Of these visitors, 5 % send e-mail requesting more information on: cooking tips, what brand of knives to use, what wine to serve, what cooking school to attend, where to find cookbooks, where would be a good place to go for a food and wine vacation, chefs looking for quality products and information; the list goes on and on. They want information quickly from honest, non-glitzy and straight forward web sites. They are seeking new and exciting sources for products and information and are willing to buy products online after researching their options. others consume the vast content offered on the site. Wine and Entertaining have never been more popular. The Main Page and Starting Point is viewed by hungry consumers. Who can pass up a Professional Chef’s Internet site and did you know Chef John V. has done everything on https://www.goodcooking.com and https://www.goodcooking.net Recipes, website setup and all content where it's not credited to someone else. Cooking attracts quality individuals who are seeking valuable information. Cooking, Wine and Entertaining have never been more popular.


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