Recipe for Coca-Cola
National Brand Recipes



    32 fluid ounces caramel
    32 fluid ounces lime juice
    16 fluid ounces glycerin
    12 fluid ounces 95% alcohol
    12 fluid ounces Cola Flavor Base (recipe below)
    Caffeine solution (2 ounces caffeine in 10 fluid ounces water)
    2 fluid ounces vanilla extract

    These are mixed to produce 1 gallon of cola flavor. Four ounces of this cola flavor plus .5 fluid ounces of diluted phosphoric acid (one part 85% phosphoric acid to seven parts water), are used to flavor a gallon of high fructose corn syrup.

    Cola Flavor Base

    This is the secret stuff.

    46.8 g. lemon oil
    14.2 g. orange oil
    14.2 g lime oil
    10.7 g cinnamon oil
    3.5 g nutmeg oil