Recipe for Sarah Ferguson's Fergie's Cup Of Tea


    Sarah Ferguson's Fergie's Cup of Tea

    Source: Modern Maturity Magazine

    Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, definitely serves an English cup of tea! The secret is in the preparation.....

    Loose tea
    Boiling water
    Lemon, milk, or sugar

    Water must be boiling; not tepid, not merely scalding, but boiling. Just as it begins to boil, pour bit of it into teapot and leave for a minute to warm up the pot. Bring water back to boil again, and throw hot water out of teapot. Add a couple of teaspoons of tea to now-warmed teapot. Boil water again, pour a little of it over the tea, just enough to wet tea and it begins to warm and soak a bit. Wait a minute, then add the rest of the boiling water. Let steep for three to five minutes, depending on how strong you like it. Using a tea strainer, pour into a cup. Duchess of York says "My mum always said that tea tastes much nicer out of a cup and saucer, and goodness she was right!"