Recipe for Marbleized Easter Eggs
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    Marbleized Easter Eggs

    1 box assorted food coloring
    1 roll paper towels
    Aluminum foil
    Hardboiled eggs

    Tear off a sheet of aluminum foil a bit larger than the paper towel. Place it on a protected work surface. Place one paper towel on top. Put 8 to 10 drops of food coloring (one or more colors) in the center of the paper towel. Allow a few minutes for the color to spread about six inches in diameter.

    Place a damp, but not too wet, egg on its side in the center of the paper towel. Starting at the bottom of the egg, very gently press foil around egg, working your fingers toward the top until egg is completely wrapped. Carefully peel back the foil and paper towel together. Let dry.

    The effects will vary according to colors used and the folds in the foil. Once the paper towel is saturated, you can use dry eggs. If you are careful, you can do at least 6 eggs with one set of materials.