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(D) Definitions

Dahchini, Indian for Cinnamon.

Dashi, A Japanese soup stock based on dried bonito and kelp.

Datteri, Italian for Date.

Decouper, French-to cut up, to carve. Diablo, Italian cooking term for for a hot and spicy tomato sauce, deviled. Dice, To cut into small cubes.

Dirty rice, A Louisiana Cajun dish or rice cooked with chicken gizzards and livers.

Deglaze, Adding a liquid to the browned food particles in a pan to loosen them. The juices then can enhance the flavor of sauces and gravies.

Degrease, Removing the fat from the surface of a hot liquid such as a stock, sauce, soup, or stew.

Dredging, Coating moist foods with a dry ingredient before cooking to provide an even coating. i.e. Dipping a chicken breast in flour before sauteeing.

Dress, Tossing oil, vinegar, salt, or other toppings on salads.

Dragoncello, Italian for Tarragon. Du jour, French for "of the day" as in soup du jour - soup of the day.

Dulce, Spanish for Sweet.

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Special thanks to my late mother Julia Rauscher Vyhnanek for her food knowledge which was the source for many of the definitions. She was a retired school teacher who was a real "Foodie"! If it were not for her, I many not have become a Chef.