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(E) Definitions

Early-Bird Special, An American term for a restaurant meal served at discount prices prior the the restaurant's busiest hours. It is offered to attract extra business during a normally slow time.

Ebi, Japanese for Shrimp.

Egg albumen, The white of an egg.

Egg wash, An egg beaten with water or milk. Used in baking or breading for deep frying.

Eggs Benedict, Poached eggs served on toasted English muffins with Canadian bacon, hollandaise sauce and black truffles.

Eis, German for Ice Cream.

Elote, Mexican for Corn.

En croute, French for in a crust.

Epinard, French for Spinach.

Espadon, French for Swordfish.

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Special thanks to my late mother Julia Rauscher Vyhnanek for her food knowledge which was the source for many of the definitions. She was a retired school teacher who was a real "Foodie"! If it were not for her, I many not have become a Chef.