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(H) Definitions

Haldi, Indian for Turmeric.

Halvah, A Middle-Eastern confection of mashed sesame seeds and honey.

Harissa - An chile paste made from a variety of hot peppers and spices used in North African and Middle Eastern cooking.

Haupia, A Hawaiian coconut custard dessert.

Heady, A wine term to describe the high alcohol content in a wine.

Hervir, Spanish to Boil.

Hibachi, A small Japanese open fire grill that uses charcoal.

Huevos rancheros, A Mexican dish of fried eggs on tortillas with a spicy tomato-chile sauce and Monterey Jack cheese.

Huevos, Spanish for Eggs.

Huile, French for Oil.

Hummer, German for Lobster.

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Special thanks to my late mother Julia Rauscher Vyhnanek for her food knowledge which was the source for many of the definitions. She was a retired school teacher who was a real "Foodie"! If it were not for her, I many not have become a Chef.