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(K) Definitions

Kabeljau, German for cod.

Kaffee, German for coffee.

Kartoffel, German for potatoes.

Kasha, Crushed buckwheat groats.

Katch, Indian for Lamb.

Kibbe, A Middle Eastern ground lamb and cracked wheat meatball.

Kipper - a whole herring that has been split into a butterfly fashion from tail to head, gutted, brined, salted and smoked.

Kirsch, A strong cherry brandy from Germany.

Kugel, A noodle or potato pudding popular on Jewish holidays.

Kummel, A liquor flavored with caraway seeds or cumin.

Kuri, A Squash.

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Special thanks to my late mother Julia Rauscher Vyhnanek for her food knowledge which was the source for many of the definitions. She was a retired school teacher who was a real "Foodie"! If it were not for her, I many not have become a Chef.