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Quaglia, Italian for Quail.

Quark, German for Farmer's Cheese

Quatre, French for Four (4).

Queijo, Portuguese for Cheese.

Quiche, A custard tart filled with various meats, cheese, vegetables and seafood.

Quick bread, A bread made with baking powder instead of yeast and usually containing fruits and nuts.

Quimbombo, Spanish for okra.

Quince, A fruit very high in pectin and used in jelly and jam making.

Quinoa, A highly nutritious grain originally from the Andes, now cultivated elsewhere.

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Special thanks to my late mother Julia Rauscher Vyhnanek for her food knowledge which was the source for many of the definitions. She was a retired school teacher who was a real "Foodie"! If it were not for her, I many not have become a Chef.