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Be a better Cook

 How to learn how to cook!

"KISS"---Keep It Simply Stupid!

Do the "Cooking" when you have time----plan ahead, don't be rushed.

Have a set of cooking implements, such as pots, pans, mixing bowls, knives, spatulas, etc. ready.

Don't worry about organic and free-range trendy items.

Start with really simple recipes. i.e. sauteed chicken with pan juices vrs lobster mousse with champagne sauce.

Take pictures to document your dish!

Don't make the process difficult.

i.e. use butter, margarine or canola oil, extra virgin olive oil for finishing a dish.

Never set your stove's burner to high, except to boil water!

Never set your oven above 350 degrees unless the recipes says so.

Remember what you smell while cooking---smell memory.

Remember what your food tastes like during cooking---taste memory, you must taste it so a good level of salt is added. Then remember what it tastes like after cooking and ask yourself if you would have done anything different.

Remember flavors of meats, fish vegetables, herb and spices, etc.

Learn how to identify good ingredients.

Accept criticism and or complements from others.

If you have a disaster, remembered why and think about what may have caused it so you can avoid a similar problem in the future.

Use good ingredients, shop 2 days in advance.


Make the same dish several times and set a goal to improve upon it every time.

Keep making a dish until you are totally satisfied and remember what you did so you could do it blindfolded.

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Common mistakes made by cooks!

didn't trim fat or gristle
didn't cut bones
forgot to salt and pepper item or too little
didn't elevate roast
no wire rack
didn't pre-sear roast
put garlic on before sauting or roasting
forgot to turn oven on
didn't plan ahead
didn't review procedure
didn't follow recipe
felt rushed
didn't have thermometer for oven
pilot light went out
uneven heat in oven
didn't turn roast
oven door not closed all the way
too hot oven for big roast
too slow oven for small roast
didn't truss
no mirepoix
cut meat too soon after coming from oven
didn't let item rest
didn't use probe thermometer correctly