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Simple Recipes for those who know how to brew already. If you have brewed before then you will understand the proceedure. These are my recipes and I can say they do taste good!

NY Cream Ale

adjust water minerals to the syle you want to achieve, add epsom salt, calcium etc. to your target profile

boil 2.5 gallons water, I find gallons of Poland Spring water to be very good

back from 60 minutes
add 3.5 lb light malt extract
add 1 lb flaked corn
add 2 ounce fresh cascade hops

at ten minutes
add malto dextrine per instructions
add 3/4 tsp irish moss

at 5 minutes
add 2.5 ounce fresh cascade hops
off heat, cool in ice water
strain into fermentor and top to 3 gallons with cold water...70 degrees final temp

proof yeast and yeast nutrient in cooled wort or water for 20 minutes to wake it up before pitching
you will need an air lock with blow off hose during fermentation and perhaps a heat collar or ice jacket to maintain temperature close to 68-70 F
6 day fermentation should do it
transfer/ rack to corny keg or carboy and age for 6 weeks

then add corn sugar as to carbonate to your liking for the style, bottle and cap for 10-14 days---a test plastic soda or water bottle is recommended, at 70 F.
When ready refrigerate to preserve freshness

Richer Brown Ale

2 - 3 kilo 6.6 lb. Munton's Liquid Malt Extract
1 lb Cara-Vienna Grain
.5 lb Two Row Grain
1.5 Raw Red Hard Wheat
1 oz Hallertau Hop Pellets
2 oz Tettnenger Hop Pellets
1/4 cup lemon rind

Yeast--Saison Ale (Proof in flask at start of production---72 degrees with 6 oz. pre-boiled water and 2 Tbsp. Light malt powder---cooled to 72) You'll add this after cooking and cooling

Heat 2 gallons Poland Spring water to about 145F, then steep the grains in a bag, at 140 for 30 minutes--bring temp up to 158 and hold for 30 minutes. Add 2 quarts boiling water raising temp to 170...do an iodine test, if color is iodine red-orange...starch was converted, remove and sparge in 2 qts. water at 140, then drain in a strainer when drained add to the pot and stir in the malt extract, return to heat and bring to a boil. Add Hallertau at the beginning of the boil...total boil time is 60 minutes.

Add Tettnenger hops at 15 minutes left in boil, 1/2 whirlflock tablet at 10 minutes and lemon rind at 5 minutes.

Cover pot with plastic wrap ...small vent hole and CHILL/COOL to around 120.

Have 3.25 gallons very cold water pre-chilled in a 6 gallon fermenter, then pour/strain in hot wort. Cool to 68-72 degrees. Top up to 5.25 gallons with cold water.

Aerate 1 minute, then pitch yeast, attach cover and attach air lock. Use blow off hose. Ferment 3-4 days at 70-72 degrees and then keep in fermenter until final gravity remains constant 2-3 days apart., Syphon to keg and add .5 lb DME boiled in 2 cups water...cooled, Then carbonate 8-10 days.

After carbonated...refrigerate of 7 days before tasting.

OG .052
FG .021

Pop's Old Dark Lager

1lb 9 oz cara Vienna
8 oz bohemian pills
8 oz cars pils
1 lb smoked malt
8 lb 9 oz German Munich
3 lb German light
1 lb 9 oz wheat

Total 16 lb 12 oz
Mash at 150 f with 4 gal h2o for 30 minutes check conversion with iodine
sparge with 2 gallons 150 h2o
Looking for 5.75 gallons

Wyeast Lager Yeast Smack Pack

5.75 wort...boil
add at 60 minutes 1.5 ounce tentengager hops
add at 15 minutes .75 ounce hallertauter hops

10 minutes add...1.25 tsp moss
(Calcium, Epsom and Chloride per calculation)
2 ounces Maltodextrine
Flame Out and Chill to 60

To fermenter and top to 5.50 gallons with ice cold Poland Spring Water...pitch yeast

Ferment cool...10 days, Rack to secondary 10 days.

To bottling bucket...add, boiled and cooled light DME corn sugar blend.

Fill bottles, cap and wash. Test carbonation day 7-8-9-10 when carbonation is proper...refrigerate!

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