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Good cooking supplies a vast variety of food related services to individuals and the food industry. Internet awareness and computer training, Internet site construction and going live. Marketing, promotion and consumer awareness. Restaurant start-up and implementation of systems, the basics of how to start a restaurant.

  • Food Service Consulting

  • Cost Controls

  • Culinary Education and Food Service Training

  • Menu & Wine List Development

  • Website/ Internet Presence

  • Food Safety Awareness

  • Brainstorming

  • Marketing

  • Hands-on Instruction

  • Operational Review

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Don't Wait Until It's Too Late: Contact Good Cooking Today!

Chef John VyhnanekChef John J. Vyhnanek, Consulting Chef Services, Prop.

Areas of expertise:

  • Business plans; cash flow analysis, budgeting, startup planning and bank financing. 
  • Restaurant and kitchen design; proper layout and equipment selection. Maintenance schedules; protect your investment-take care of your equipment. 
  • Efficiency expert; all phases of not wasting time and money. 
  • Wine List and Menu Specialists; selection, design, proper pricing and implementation. 
  • Menu implementation: Standardize recipes, training of dining room and kitchen staff. 
  • Systems layout and training; every aspect from cleaning to guest services. 
  • Vendor selection; finding the products you need at prices that make sense. 
  • Receiving and inventory implementation; how to accept products and account for them. 
  • Marketing/Sales/Advertising; The how and why of successful promotion, press and beyond. 
  • Customer awareness; instill pride of customer service in all staff. Community Acceptance; help you work to achieve harmony with the community. 
  • Sanitation; clean facilities and safe food preparation and service. 
  • Computer systems and software planning; determining your business needs and conducting training. 
  • Cost Controls; know how to control your costs through purchasing, pricing and waste prevention. 
  • World Wide Web/Internet development; Layout and design of your web site and e-mail. 
  • Planning for the future, expansion, moving, exit strategies, selling your assets.  
  • Job descriptions, employee manuals and operation procedures; help you write them. 
  • Loss and fire prevention, safety procedures and emergency planning. 
  • Quality assurance; only the best service and employee cooperation will do. 
  • Staff training, front and back of house; training your staff to be efficient and professional. 
  • Inventory utilization; get the most out of your stock.

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Chef John Vyhnanek, BIO