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Imperial (U.K.) Units and Their Equivalents

All measurements presented on this page are in Imperial (U.K.) units. I have a lot of cookbooks from the Isles and so many even until tobale are written with such terms as; a dessert spoon of and a breakfast cup of broth-what do they mean? Measurement of volume isn't exactly the same as in the U.S. system. In the UK a dessert spoons is a culinary cooking measure. These (serving) spoons usually holds 10mL (0.34 US fl oz). They are spoons that you will find at the dinner table, they found a use as a measure a long time ago. The volume is similar to a US Tablespoon but not the exact amount.

The Imperial system uses the same units of weight as the U.S. system. Do not confuse the ounce of weight with the fluid ounce, because they are not the same; there is no standard conversion between weight and volume unless you know the density of the ingredient. 16 ounces = 1 pound

A gill is also know as a teacup, it's a unit of measurement for volume equal to a quarter of a pint in the British Imperial and United States systems. It's not used much any more as a culinary measure but once was used as a measure for alcholic drinks. i.e. a gill of rum. 1 US tablespoon (tbsp), 14.7868 ml equals 0.83 of a U.K. tablespoon (tbsp Imperial) 17.75 ml

Liquid Measurements

Many cooks have grown up with older British measurements. These often have the same name as U.S. measurements, but though weights are equivalent but volumes are not. The British gallon has five quarts: The U.S. gallon, four. Because of this, cooks may find their recipes could be failing due to the 25 percent difference especially if you are not aware of this diffrence.

The list below will help you adjust and let you use older cookbooks from the UK and Ireland, a source of fine country recipes of the past.

Liquid Measure Volume Equivalents
1 1/4 U.S. teaspoons = 1 English teaspoon
1 1/4 U.S. tablespoons = 1 English tablespoon
1 U.S. gill = 3/4 English teacup
2 U.S. gills = 3/4 English breakfast cup
1 U.S. cup = 3/4 English breakfast cup
1 U.S. gill = 3/4 English Imperial gill
1 U.S. pint = 3/4 English Imperial pint
1 U.S. quart = 3/4 English Imperial quart
1 U.S. gallon = 3/4 English imperial gallon

Dry Measure Volume Equivalents
1 U.S. pint = 1 English pint
1 U.S. quart = 1 English quart
1 U.S. peck = I English peck
1 U.S. bushel = I English bushel

Weight Equivalents
1 U.S. ounce = 1 English ounce
1 U.S. pound = 1 English pound

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