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How many times have you tried to prepare a recipe only to realize that it needs to be converted from grams to teaspoons? Then after all of that the oven temperature is listed in centigrade not Fahrenheit. Do you need to add 10 milliliters of vanilla to a cake batter? If you're math-challenged, don't worry is here to help!

The most common roasting temperature is 350F. This is for chickens, beef, pork, lamb and other roasts 4 to 18 pounds. Four pounds and less; like a Cornish Hen, a small chicken, pork tenderloin, a rack of lamb or a Chateaubriand---increase the temperature to 400 F. Large roasts over 20 pounds; like a big turkey, a whole fresh ham or large prime rib, then go with a lower heat---325 F.

Most cookie recipes should bake at 375 F and bread at 400 F. Baked Idaho Potato---1 hour at 400 F.
Oven Temperatures


American Standard  


Gas mark 

very cool

 225 F

 110 C

 mark # 1/4

luke warm cool 

 250 F

 130 C

 mark # 1/2


275 F 

 140 C

 mark # 1

 cool moderate

 300 F

150 C 

 mark # 2

 very moderate

 325 F

170 C

 mark # 3


 350 F

 180 C

 mark # 4

moderately hot

375 F  

190 C 

 mark # 5

 fairly hot

 400 F

200 C 

 mark # 6


 425 F

220 C 

 mark # 7

 really hot

 450 F

 230 C

 mark # 8

 very hot

 475 F

 240 C

 mark # 9

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