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Oven Temperatures

Please be sure your oven is calibrated so that when you set it for 350F it registers 350F on an oven thermometer! Also is your oven level from side to side and back to back? And remember to preheat the oven for at ltast 20 minutes prior to baking or roasting!

A recipe says to set the oven temperature to gas mark #3 and you have no idea on what thart means? Oven temperatures may be listed in centigrade, not Fahrenheit or even as a gas mark setting. Diffrent countries have diffrent settings on ovens, the Gas Mark is a temperature scale used on gas ovens and ranges in the United Kingdom, Ireland and several Commonwealth of Nations countries. If you are considering the purchase of an imported range from England, it's something to consider getting used to in recipe conversion.

The most common roasting temperature is 350F. This is for chickens, beef, pork, lamb and other roasts 4 to 18 pounds. Four pounds and less; like a Cornish Hen, a small chicken, pork tenderloin, a rack of lamb or a Chateaubriand---increase the temperature to 400 F. Large roasts over 20 pounds; like a big turkey, a whole fresh ham or large prime rib, then go with a lower heat---325 F.

Most cookies should be baked at 375 F, loaves of bread at 400 F. Bake Russet  Potatoes for 1 hour at 400 F.


US Standard


Gas mark

very cool

225 F

110 C

mark # 1/4

luke warm cool

250 F

130 C

mark # 1/2


275 F

140 C

mark # 1

cool moderate

300 F

150 C

mark # 2

very moderate

325 F

170 C

mark # 3


350 F

180 C

mark # 4

moderately hot

375 F

190 C

mark # 5

fairly hot

400 F

200 C

mark # 6


425 F

220 C

mark # 7

really hot

450 F

230 C

mark # 8

very hot

475 F

240 C

mark # 9

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