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Portuguese Wines

Here are 2 white wines and 2 red wines to look for. They are very reasonable priced, often $5 or $6 a bottle.

White wines:

Gato Vinho Verde is a light wine citrine in color, a fresh flavor of lemon and peaches with a slight effervescence. I usually comes in a flask shaped bottle.

Gazela Vinho Verde is a dry wine with a crisp aroma, slightly sweet with green grape acidity. It's like a lighter version of the French vouvray.

Red wines:

Reguengos has blackberry flavors, is rich and medium bodied. It's dry and makes a good quaffing wine.

Vinha Nova is a smooth fruity wine with grape flavors and has a merlot/gamay taste. It's a good wine to serve with grilled, garlicky foods.