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Professional Potpourri

The following links are a potpourri of information of which some may be already on the professional organization page, yet others are not. Other links will provide you with ideas, recipes and information about the foodservice profession.

NutritionEd.org Works with working professionals, professional organizations in the fields of nutrition, dietetics and wellness in their endeavor to provide prospective students and future professionals the tools to assist them in reaching their career goals. They wish to help achieve their full potential as an active, productive member of today’s nutrition, dietetic and health and wellness fields.

American Society of Baking

Border Grill

Culinary Software, ChefTec Culinary Software

Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP)

Foodservice World Canada

Grocery Manufacturers of America

Help for Chefs and Restaurants with New Product Ideas

Herrawi Group, Egypt---Primo IQF Artichoke Products (Courtesy Link)

Institute of Food Technologists

National Association of College & University Foodservice

School of Hotel and Restaurant Management Northern Arizona University

Society for Foodservice Management

The Gate, San Franciscan Newspaper Food Section

Unusual Foods of the World

Wildflowers---Culinary Professionals who like Gardening will like this!

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