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This Spanish blue cheese, produced by Asturian dairy farmers, is well-suited for a wide variety of recipes or on its own as a delicious dessert. Made from the milk of cows, sheep or goats, depending on the season, it has a robust flavor.


Olive oil and paprika lend color and aroma to the rind of this distinctive cheese made from cow's milk, exclusively from the isle of Minorca. While the firm consistency and sharp flavor of an aged Mahon are ideal for grating, it is traditionally served as an appetizer with a sprig of fresh rosemary and brushed with olive oil. This cheese melts well in sauces or over grilled breads.


Among the great traditional cheese of Spain, said to be the favorite of Don Quixote, Manchego is cured in the ancient cattle-raising region of La Mancha from the milk of Manchega sheep. The Dominion of Original seal guarantees the quality of this tangy, full-flavored, slightly grainy cheese. This cheese is also sometimes infused with rosemary which enhances its flavor.


With its smoky, rich taste and perfumed aroma, this is the quintessential Sheppard's' cheese of the Basque country made from the milk of sheep. Aged for up to a year, Idiazabal is a complement to grilled meats or simply tasted with a full-bodied wine.


A blend of cows' and sheep's milk gives this cheese its smooth flavor. A popular Spanish cheese often enjoyed with a selection of fresh fruit, quince paste (Membrillo) or savored with a young red wine.


This mild cheese from the northern coast area of Galicia is a hit with children. Its shape is like a Hershey's Kiss. The creamy cheese melts beautifully, enhancing pasta sauces, grilled sandwiches, even baked potatoes.

Here are a few other cheeses not pictured above that you can look for:

URGELIA (ur-zhel-ee-ya)

A buttery and soft cow's milk cheese from northern Spain. It has a beer aroma because of a yeast brine which is brushed in its rind before curing. This is a good beer, bread and fruit cheese.


Made in Catalonia in eastern Spain this goat's milk cheese is nutty, herbal and earthy. Its grey green rind contrasts beautifully with it's creamy ivory white interior.

VALDEON (bval-day-on)

A mild blue cheese made from cow's milk, it is wrapped in maple or oak leaves and aged in caves. It eats well with crisp bread and especially pears.

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