Turkey Cooking Time Calculator

Enter the weight of the turkey in pounds and ounces. This is found on the store label. NOTE, This calculator requires a turkey of at least 6 pounds but no more than 25 pounds. Select How Done you would like it to be, select the Cavity, stuffed, partially stuffed or not option, and select the Cooking Speed. Click on Calculate. This will produce a cooking time in minutes for use with a digital minutes timer. It will also show the cooking time in digital hours, as well as in hours and minutes for other timers. There is also information below on thawing and cooking, as well as the thawing calculators.

Please keep in mind that all ovens are not the same. Some ovens heat more than others, producing faster, hotter cooking. Use an oven thermometer to determine the accuracy of your oven. Also if you use a thermometer in the turkey, it should attain a temperature of 165F (degrees) internal heat, minimum. In addition, some convection ovens or dual heating source ovens have a "cooking factor" of "X" percent, indicating they are more efficient than normal ovens by the "X" percent factor. If you wish to use one of those, adjust accordingly per the instructions of the oven, or use the Percent Efficiency Factor field. A positive number reduces cooking time and a negative number increases cooking time by the percent you enter. Valid entries for that field are positive or negative numbers from 1 to 99. Check your owner's manual for more information on this topic.
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Thawing and Cooking Information

Refrigerator Thawing

According to the USDA and many poultry suppliers, placing a frozen turkey in the refrigerator is the only reliable and safe method for thawing and it is the only method of thawing that is recommended. The turkey should be kept in its original wrapper during the thawing process and it should be placed on a platter to catch any juices that may leak from the package to avoid possible contamination to other food in the refrigerator. Thawing the bird in the refrigerator may require several days, especially if the turkey is a large size, but it is absolutely the safest method for thawing. The cool temperature of the refrigerator (usually no higher than 40F) discourages the growth of harmful organisms in the turkey as it thaws. An approximate 24 hours for every 5 pounds should be allowed to properly thaw the turkey. The required time may vary because of the individual temperature settings of different refrigerators.

Recommended Refrigerator Thawing Time

Approximate Refrigerator Thawing Time
Weight Approximate Time
8 to 12 pound frozen turkey Allow 2 to 3 days
13 to 16 pound frozen turkey Allow 3 to 4 days
17 to 20 pound frozen turkey Allow 4 to 5 days
21 to 24 pound frozen turkey Allow 5 to 6 days
Calculated Refrigerator Thawing Time
Refrigerator Thawing Time Hours
Refrigerator Thawing Time Hours Minutes

Cold Water Thawing

Thawing a frozen turkey in cold water is another defrosting method that has been used for years, but with increased awareness of illness due to bacterial growth, it is generally not recommended by the USDA or most of the poultry suppliers. There is a high probability that bacteria may rapidly multiply in thawed areas near the surface of the bird while the interior may still be frozen.

If you absolutely must thaw the turkey with cold water, there are a few steps that can be taken to make it as safe as possible:

As with thawing in the refrigerator, the bird should be kept in its original wrapper. If the original wrapper has any compromises, punctures or tears in it, the turkey should be placed in another plastic bag and sealed to limit contact with the air and water. The turkey should be placed breast side down and it should be completely covered with water. The water should be changed every 20 to 30 minutes. Cold water thawing is much faster than thawing in the refrigerator (usually 8 to 10 times faster), but it can be annoying having to change the water every 30 minutes, especially when thawing a large turkey. At least 30 minutes defrosting time per pound should be allowed when using the cold water method. Once the turkey is thawed, it should be cooked immediately.

Cold Water Thawing Time

Approximate Cold Water Thawing Time
Weight Approximate Time
8 to 12 pound frozen turkey Allow 4 to 6 hours
13 to 16 pound frozen turkey Allow 6 to 8 hours
17 to 20 pound frozen turkey Allow 8 to 10 hours
21 to 24 pound frozen turkey Allow 10 to 12 hours
Calculated Cold Water Thawing Time
Cold Water Thawing Time Hours
Cold Water Thawing Time Hours Minutes

Microwave Thawing

Some people have used a microwave oven for thawing meat and while this method may be risky for thawing red meat, it is downright unsafe for thawing poultry. While waiting for the bird to fully defrost, bacteria will grow quickly in areas where the turkey is already defrosted. Do not do this!

Anticipated Cooking Times

How long does it take to cook? Be sure to use a meat thermometer to check for doneness as is indicated in the Internal Temperature column below. This is only a guide so that you know approximately how long it will take to cook the turkey. Always use a meat thermometer to be sure! Cooking time will vary by different ovens and whether or not the turkey is stuffed. Remember to leave time for the turkey to stand before carving. Some recipes call for browning, that's increasing the heat to 425-450 during the last 15 to 45 minutes of cooking time. This doesn't really affect the juiciness of the bird too much but make sure that the internal temperature has been reached before browning. Browning crisps the skin and gives the bird a nice golden color.

Good Cooking's Turkey Roasting Time Table---NOT STUFFED

Know that larger turkeys over 18 pounds are best cooked at 325 F


Weight in pounds

Temperature Cooking time in hours (Unstuffed)
10 -12 350 F 2 ½- 3 hours
12-14 350 F

3 - 4 ½  hours

14-18 350 F 4 ½- 5 hours
18-20 325 F 5- 5 ¾ hours
20-22 325 F 5 ¾- 6 ½ hours

Approximate STUFFED Turkey Cooking Time
Know that larger turkeys over 18 pounds are best cooked at 325 F
WeightApproximate Cooking Time in 325 Oven   Internal Temperature (F)
10 to 12 pounds 3 to 3 1/2 hours 350 F165
12 to 14 pounds 3 1/2 to 5 hours 350 F165
14 to 18 pounds 5 to 6 hours 350 F165
18 to 20 pounds 6 to 6 3/4 hours 325 F165
20 to 22 pounds 6 3/4 to 7 1/4 hours 325 F165

Note: Additional safety recommendations:

Never thaw turkey at room temperature. Harmful bacteria will grow rapidly creating toxins that may still be present after the turkey is cooked. Frozen turkey that has been thawed should not be frozen again until after the meat is cooked in order to reduce the risk of harmful bacterial growth. Stuffing is a source of potential bacteria during cooking. It is suggested that cooking the dressing in a separate container is safer than stuffing the turkey and cooking it within the turkey. A frozen pre-stuffed turkey should not be thawed before it is cooked because bacteria can multiply rapidly in the stuffing while the turkey is defrosting. Please understand that thawing on a counter at room temperature should never be done.

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