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Helpful hints on how to cook!

Be a Better Cook
Don't worry about organic and free-range trendy items.
Start with really simple recipes. i.e. sauteed chicken with pan juices vrs lobster mousse with champagne sauce.
Take pictures to document your dish! Read More >>>

Cook Until Done
How many times have you read a recipe and it said cook until done? So just what does that mean? Well it can mean different things to different people. Read More >>>

Having a Dinner Party?
It's 6.30pm Saturday, the kids need dropping off at mum's, you still have to shower, the Hors d'oeuvres are not made. Read More >>>

Culinary Facts
In the restaurant business, your rent on the space should be around 7% of gross sales. Read More >>>

I want to Make Escargot
Cook for 10-12 minutes; when hot and bubbly, transfer to a serving plate and voila, they are ready to eat! They appeal to US diners seeking low-carb alternatives. Read More >>>

Food Saftey
The spring and summer seasons will be here soon and that means more outdoor cooking and dining. The California Poultry Federation (CPF) wants to remind consumers that food handling and preparation is of year round importance, and, especially critical during warmer months. Read More >>>

Food "The Great Equalizer"
Throughout the history of our country we have enjoyed the abundance of wonderful foods which Mother Nature provides. Read More >>>

Flavored Vinegars and Oils
To make flavored vinegars, place the prepared herbs, fruits or spices in the sterilized jars, being careful to avoid over-packing. Read More >>>

Holiday Cooking Guide
Turning the turkey and roasting on all sides for an even doneness is a restaurant's secret! Read More >>>

What to Know About Sugar
Sucrose is the chemical name for refined white sugar, it's composed of one molecule each of glucose and fructose. Read More >>>

A Cooking Tip
After you have cooked the mushrooms and added the cream. Read More >>>

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