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My mother, a former school teacher, taught me to use an index as the fastest way to find valuable information. I'm trying to help you do the same. By using the four buttons below you should be able to find most of the professional food service links on the internet which I have indexed by categories..

I have gathered information, put it categories, checked links and attempted to make it easy for those in the hospitality industry to find information related to our business. Not every link in the world is here but a majority of the ones that have valuable information are. There are professional organization links, food manufacturers, professional publications and general cooking and recipe links that will enhance your knowledge. I hope this will become a resource that you will use often and share with your colleagues.

IRS Filing and Paying Your Business Taxes

As a Certified Food and Beverage Executive I know what it's like to be held accountable for a food service operation. Whether it was the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston or my former award winning Harvard Street Grill near Fenway Park, I was in control of the success of the operation. Yes, a great staff helps. Often overlooked dish and pot washers are at the heart of the operation. Professionally trained sous chefs and cooks of all skills chop and saute their way to the next promotion within the kitchen, honing their skills as they go in hopes of some day being the Executive Chef or perhaps owning their own restaurant.

There is so much information we don't see because of our long work week and daily commitment to our profession. We often work six days a week and 10, 12, 14 hours a day, even double shifts when other staff call in sick. I always likened coming home and sitting on the couch to getting off a speeding train---you feel like you're still moving for several hours after stepping off. I often calmed down with a glass of wine and all my cooking magazines, my cookbooks and wine publications. Read, read, read; the more I read the more I knew, the more I perfected my trade. New ideas came through the pages from France, Switzerland, Germany and England. Cuisine Minceur, Cuisine Bocuse and Antione Mossimann's style from the Dorchester in London intrigued me. I traveled the Orient, visited Brazil and went to Burgundy on the pages of books. All of this before the Internet! Why, if I had the Internet 25 years ago I would have probably read and explored even more had I the time.

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Restaurant and Food Service Consulting---Consulting Chef Services

In today's world magazines and books still exist. When I wrote the Ritz-Carlton Cookbook in 1986 I insisted that the Index be cross-referenced with every recipe and cooking term. I wanted the book to be easy to read, follow, and retrieve information from. I still feel that way and often find cookbooks and magazines lacking in this very important aspect. The Internet, a supplement to published and printed matter, is often also without an index---hence, this section.

Culinary Links and Food Service Organizations
Potpourri of Information, some links may be already on the Professional Organization Page, Yet, others are not. Other links will provide you with ideas, recipes and information about the foodservice profession.